💭💭Review 💭💭: Engineering A Life (Voyage To American Deem )

💭💭 R. E.V. I. E. W 💭💭

Title : Engineering A Life
( Voyage to American Dream )

Author : Krishan K Bedi

Publication : @rupa_publications

This book is a memoir of Krishan K Bedi ..

Krishan is a normal boy who lives in a small village called Malaudh in Punjab. After completing his schooling he decides to travel America to continue his further studies.

When he travels to America he faces lot of challenges to fit in the AMERICAN CULTURE. He does various jobs like cooking, cleaning and driving to support his college fees and livelihood.

Later he completes his engineering degrees and gets good reputated jobs with lot of respect and admiration from others.
He comes back to India and marry a girl named Raj and settle back in America . Then one-day Krishan decides to come back India again but soon he regrets his decision due to various circumstances.
Later he takes another big decision of his life so he could fix up his mistakes..

This book is full of events, emotions and experiences.
It also explains all the hardships and situations immigrant faces like bullying, robbery and cultural differences.

It is an inspirational book with Message of
Life is like a roller coaster.
Somedays series of fortunate events happen then some days it gets upside down but we should never give up..

I would like to recommend this book to all..
I think it’s the best memoir I have ever read yet.

My ratings 4.6 🌟 /5

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