Review : Mehrun by Najia Rizvi

💭💭Review 💭💭

Title : MEHRUN



Mehrun is quite practical and logic rules her heart more.
When she leaves her small home town Bhilai to persue her MBA in Indore she experiences lots of new things.
Despite of all the fun and new adventures she’s assured that Falling in love won’t be her thing unlike all her collegemates and will complete her studies with good graces.
Then she meets Aarush and her prospective towards life choices tends to change but she decides to avoid any type of confessioss.
Few years later Mehrun expereinces a rollercoaster of events which effects her but she is still in dilemma about her feelings..

Will she Now finally accept them ?
Or find better ways this time to escape Her thoughts??

This book has such a gorgeous cover and explains that Sometimes we try to escape our feelings just to avoid more confilicts or pain but keeping them crushes us more ..
Every chapter is written nicely with easy understandable language but despite of that ending seems quite cliche and stereotyped.
If you enjoy reading ya books you will like it

My Ratings – 4.1/5 🌟

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