Unboxing 📦 My Christmas 🎅⛄ gifts🎁❤️ haul (New books 📚and more ✨) 

Happy Holidays guys ❤️
I hope you all had a wonderful glittering fun Christmas💚🎄💎…I wanna share you guys all the stuffs I recently gave myself and also received this Christmas🎁…It’s a Christmas 💚gift 🎁haul yaaay


I bought some books recently which im pretty excited to read…I bought em online from amazon..1. Matched
2. Reached
3. Half Bad
4. Half Lost
5. Faking Friends
6. I have got your number
7. Wayword Son
8. Call it what you want
9. Last smokeI feel so ecstatic looking at them ..
Soon will post reviews of all.


I got this Queen initial pendent from Club factory .. it’s so glitterry and trendy

..I also got this handmade blue heart shaped pendent from Club factory if you guys wanna buy it then it will be available at club factory..


I’m in love with this shimmering diamond studed peach colored watch …
It’s pretty Christmassy and fancy..
My aunt gifted it to me..Again it’s from club factory.


I got this coffee brown aesthetic looking purse with this cute pompon on chain . I got it a from a local store.. It has a cat Imprint on it and I’m a cat person…


Got these leafy earrings from a local store and it’s lovely really lovely…Thats it for this blog guys. And all these products are not sponsored .Merry Christmas and happy new year✨…
Keep reading 📚and be happy🥰.

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