Review 💭 : Knots 🎀 of Deblina Bhattacharya

Title : K N O T S
Author : Deblina Bhattscharya
Genre : Poem book

This book has got a pretty and also has beautiful content.
The Poems are divided into Various Sections like
Love, Heartbreak, Pain, etc.
I completed the book in one sitting.
I don’t like much poetry because it usually contains alot of personification. But This one isn’t like that. This kept me sticked to the content. I liked the *love* ones and the *heartbreak* ones the most. .
One thing I didn’t liked
(just my personal opinion not any writer’s fault) is The Self Harming poems. They encourage suicidal behaviours. Although they are beautifully written but that’s the problem. The beautifully they are written the higher they affect the reader. You didn’t create life so you should not think of destroying it.
And these are just my personal opinion. I know this genre is liked a lot worldwide. . .

My Ratings : 4 /5 🌟.

Get your Copies now. It’s Available on Amazon. . .


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